While Long Island continues to be a vibrant center of creative activity in the arts and arts education, declining resources require stakeholders to establish new methods of working together with common purpose.

Long Island Arts Alliance (LIAA) is taking on this important work with its Arts Management Forums, which address issues, build community and share best practices in the sector. Whether its arts educators striving to build STEAM programming, individual artists seeking employment in the arts community, students seeking recognition and media coverage, or arts institutions needing innovation to fuel donor engagement, LIAA’s Arts Management Forums provide strategies for each member of the arts community to benefit from information and access.

LIAA’s Arts Management Forums held in diverse and distinct regions of the island strengthen the arts community by establishing dialog between leadership; creating an incubator for a proactive approach to sustainability and helping the entire region thrive and rise through its formidable arts and arts education resources.

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Currently, there are no scheduled upcoming Arts Management Forums.

We invite you to view recordings from our previous programs HERE

It is our effort to make these programs as relevant to our members as possible.
If you have a request for a topic, or idea for a panel, please email us at: [email protected]

If you are interested in supporting this program through sponsorship, please email Lauren at [email protected]


Special thank you to the Long Island Community Foundation for their support of these and other professional development programs