Dance Vision NY

Dance Visions NY's mission is to enable audiences to experience an emotional, spiritual and intellectual connection to the world of dance and to inspire audiences to engage with the challenges we face in today's world. Through the Isadora Duncan aesthetic and original works inspired by the principles, the company will continually explore and express our shared humanity. This includes timeless themes as well as the experience and perspectives of our current times. We hope to illuminate the connection between past and current issues. We build and educate dance audiences and contribute to the appreciation, scope and depth of the art both locally and beyond.

We hope to expose people to the joy, scope, and richness of dance as a vital and living art. Through presenting the authentic Duncan works as passed on by Duncan mentors Anna Duncan, Julia Levien and Hortense Kooloris, we preserve and give life to Duncan's artistic visions, technique and repertory. Dance Visions NY aspires to continue the Duncan artistic legacy by presenting the original Duncan Dances as well as new dance creations that take on a different form in the modern world.

We are happy to tailor programs for specific audience, venues and budgets. Please call or email to discuss individual needs.