COVID-19 Phase II Arts Impact Survey - PLEASE PARTICIPATE!

Please take 15 minutes to fill out the survey and help shape the re-opening, re-engaging, re-start of our arts community.

The survey will capture data and stories about how our creative sector triumphed and survived this crisis, as well as quantify the damaging effect of the outbreak on operations through cancelled events, lost wages, and additional expenses. This data will allow us to advocate for our 100+ member organizations by determining the economic impact the pandemic has had on our region, and to be able to aid in identifying the best ways to restart and rebuild the sector.

Our goals in conducting this survey are to:

1. Identify Needs: This survey will help determine how we can best support our members during this unprecedented time;
2. Inform Funders: Using the information collected through this survey, LIAA will produce a report demonstrating the need for emergency funding for the creative sector affected by COVID-19 as well as the full economic impact it has had on our region;
3. Share Information and Experiences: We will share the survey results with those who complete it, connecting arts and culture organizations across the island, and uniting the voices of these diverse institutions with the goal of facilitating strategic collaborations and innovative programming as we look to restart and rebuild the sector;
4. Archive: We will create an evolving, historical record of the COVID19 crisis and its impact on our region's creative sector.

Any questions may be directed to [email protected]


Please click on the button to the right to access the LI Arts Impact Survey. You can save and return to this survey at anytime, please note that it will close on October 30, 2020.

Special thanks to the organizations who have completed the survey to date, and to those who have circulated it.

LIAA Arts Impact Survey Results (Phase I) - March 2020

On March 20th, 2020 the Long Island Arts Alliance solicited responses to a survey designed to collect information on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our region’s arts organizations. As mandated by Governor Cuomo, all non-essential businesses, including non-profits, have been shut down and will likely be closed for the foreseeable future and income streams have been suspended indefinitely. As a result, organizations of all sizes are experiencing closures, attendance free-fall, canceled events and layoffs. The survey was open for nine days, closing on March 29th. In total, the survey received 56 responses from organizations of various sizes and mission.