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Create Virtual Exhibition/Venue Tours as an LIAA Member

Engage online Audiences and maximize your marketing budgets with 360° interactive 3D tours! 

The arts are one of many sectors that has embraced digital technology during the coronavirus pandemic, using it to help satisfy our desire for real life activities. But for many of our members, the cost, access, and capacity needed for these tours was cost prohibitive.

As an answer to this, we have invested in the equipment and software to provide members with the opportunity to create 360° 3D virtual tours at a minimal cost. With easy to follow guides and interactive tagging features, the virtual tours are key to accessibility, audience development and archiving, and are great for grant reporting and annual reports. Many studies throughout the past year have indicated that virtual tours are proven to increase engagement and drive online sales/donations. These scans DO NOT expire, making them available to your organization and the public in perpetuity. 

These 3D scans enable visitors to navigate exhibitions as if they were there in person, delivering far more than can be achieved through static viewing rooms and web pages. The software allows for dynamic tagging, which means that not only can you have a caption for each piece on display, but you can embed videos and urls to each tag to play artist videos, show related works, include links to your ecommerce site, whatever! Limited only by your imagination and what you can create using videos, graphics, and text, these tags can lend a whole new dimension to your exhibition or venue that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish in person.


ILLUMINATED: A Lens On Gender | Photographic Installations by Lex Barberio. 

Museum of Contemporary Arts Long Island (MoCA LI) - May 2021 - Patchogue Arts Council (PAC)

In this exhibition, the Artist provided a short film to accompany each photograph in the series. With the guide's tagging features, PAC was able to include these supplemental videos right beneath each work, as well as other images, and artwork information. In the in-person exhibition, the viewer was responsible for taking their phone out and scanning the corresponding QR code to access the supplemental materials.

They have also included links for pricing inquiries, and a tag that includes organization history and donation info.

Click around to see all the abilities with the tagging feature, including photos, PDFs, Videos, GIFs, links, etc. 

DETOUR II - Group Exhibition

June 2021 - East End Arts

DETOUR II is an annual exhibition that showcases the work of 16 artists working on the East End of Long Island. East End Arts utilizes both galleries for this exhibition, and we were asked to scan both. For each artwork, a tag was placed that included all artwork infoa direct link to purchase the piece through their e-commerce shop, as well as information about the artist and links directly to artist's website/social media 

Click around the two scans below to see the ease of navigation and and how accessible the tour can make your exhibition. 

Gallery #1: 133 E Main Street, Riverhead, NY

Gallery #2: 11 W Main St, Riverhead, NY

Interested? Here's How It Works:

  • Become a Member or Renew Your Existing Membership
    • This benefit is for LIAA Members only, if would like to join or if you need to renew your membership, you can do so here. Need to check your membership status? Email us!
  • Schedule Your Scan
    • Work with us to find the right day to schedule your tour. Please keep in mind that it's better if there are no people are around. Depending on the size of the space it could take anywhere between 30min-1.5hr give or take. Time slots are subject to availability, so if you have an exhibition planned that you'd like to scan, book ASAP.
  • Gather Your Materials
    • While you are waiting for the scan to be completed/processed, gather and organize all of your information you'll include in your tour. This will make it easier to get things up and running! Images, videos, audio clips, artwork info, external urls, documents, downloads, etc. 
  • Read Through the How-To Guide Provided by LIAA
    • The guide will walk you through creating an account, branding your guide, using the tagging feature, and how to get the most from your tour. 
  • Click on your Scan Report which includes the following tools:
    • Embed Codes, so that the tour can exist right on your own website, making them accessible a computer, smartphone or tablet. These embed codes do not expire even if you change your exhibition and complete another scan. This gives you the ability to create a high-quality archive of past exhibitions without eating up bandwidth on your site, and will benefit your overall search engine optimization.
    • Login information to be able to add and edit tags from the tour. For example: Artwork info, supplementary materials like videos or related works, historical information, or links to online shop.
    • Virtual Tour Links to share
    • PDF Floor Plan including measurements (in feet) of the entire space. This is a great resource to have to be able to give to artists who are working on a solo exhibition, guest curators, event promoters, etc.
    • Link to download an offline version of the tour. This is helpful when you need to show it somewhere without internet access or need to put it on a USB.
    • Link to an analytics page so you can track how many times it has been viewed, number of unique and returning visitors, how long they are spending, and top referral sites. You’ll automatically receive a weekly email with these statistics for each tour you have. This is GREAT for reporting, because it’s so difficult to know how many people you’ve reached through virtual programming.


LIAA has purchased the equipment necessary to be able to create the tours, members are required to pay .17 cents per square foot + 8.5% to cover the costs of the photographer as well as the processing fees associated with uploading, and generating the scan. 

For example: If your space is 1,200 sq. feet the total cost for the project would be: 1,200 (x .17) = $204 (+ 8.5%) = $221.34

If you are unsure of your exact square footage, your best estimate is fine. Once the scan is complete we can adjust the amount as necessary. A 50% deposit is required to hold the appointment.