Follow the guidelines below for the DANCE Requirements. (Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and World Dance Forms*)

Women Against the Wind by Ernani Da Silva

Please Note the New Process:

All applications must be post-marked no later than June 8, 2018.  Mail package including application materials and thumb drive to:

Dr. John J. Gallagher

Scholar-Artist Awards
30 Swezey Lane
Middle Island, NY 11953

The envelope must clearly denote the arts area for which the student is applying under the return address.



Student Essay
On a separate sheet, describe ways in which your involvement in the arts has enriched your life. Please double-space and limit your thoughts to 500 words. Include this document on the thumb drive or as a printed document in your package.  (See Essay Rubric)

Selection Process
The selection process for the Long Island Scholar Artist Award in Dance will be conducted by a selection panel comprised of artist educators from Nassau and Suffolk County. These panelists will review each participant’s audition submission, labeled the student’s name and high school. The decisions of the selection panel will be standard-of-excellence based. Participants will not be judged against each other, only against a standard of excellence within each discipline for this age group.

The evaluations of dance participants will be based on four sets of criteria:

  • Technique – the skill to execute the demands of the choreography with proficiency and apparent ease.
  • Presentation – the presentation of one’s self, physically, at a standard recognized in this dance form.
  • Musicality and Phrasing – the ability to physically express the rhythm, melody, nuance and character of the music through the choreography.
  • Artistry – the creativity and sincerity of the performance which arouses a response with the viewer.

Application Requirements:
Participants are required to submit a thumb drive with application materials and video depicting :

  • 2 minutes maximum of technique
  • 2 minutes maximum of solo piece

The presentation of technique and the prepared solo should display the full range of the participant’s abilities. Video must include movements-in-place with the camera framing the entire body, as well as movement in and through space, demonstrating advanced techniques and accomplishment whenever possible.

*World Dance Forms may include dances from the performing arts of any cultures of the world. Examples include, but are not limited to: Hip Hop as well as dances of Africa, Asia, Native America, Latin America, Spain, Ireland, the Caribbean, etc.

All dancers must wear a color that is in contrast to the background. Costumes are NOT allowed.

Ballet – Girls
Pink or skin-toned tights
Toe shoes and/or soft ballet shoes
Hair must be controlled
No jewelry
  Ballet – Boys
Leotard or unitard
Soft Ballet shoes
No jewelry
Modern – Girls & Boys
Leotard and tights or unitard
No jewelry
Jazz – Girls & Boys
Leotard and tights or unitard
OR pants and fitted top
Jazz shoes
No jewelry
Tap – Girls
Leotard and tights
Skirt (optional)
OR pants and fitted top
Tap shoes
No jewelry
Tap – Boys
Pants and fitted top
Tap shoes
World Dance Forms- Girls & Boys
Appropriate rehearsal clothing; No costumes


Participants are required to submit a recorded audition onto a thumb drive that must include the following – in this order:

  • 2 minutes maximum of technique
  • 2 minutes maximum of solo piece

DO  (required)

  1. Record your submission.
  2. Announce your audition by stating your name and the name of your high school. You must also include the name of the variation or title of the piece, choreographer, and composer.
  3. Use a fixed point of view for your camera. Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location.
  4. Record your audition in a clearly defined interior space.
  5. Cuts between technique segments are acceptable.
  6. Submit your audition materials according to the Recording Requirements.

DO NOT  (can be disqualified)

  1. Do not make any other comments other than your name and the name of your school.
  2. Do not pan, move the camera or follow the dancer.
  3. Do not record your video outside.
  4. Do not edit within the solo. Do not use special effects, dissolves, fades or wipes.
  5. Do not send in  pre-recorded live performances, such as recitals or concerts.


  • The camera should be placed sufficiently close to the performer so that positioning and movement of all parts of the body are clearly visible. A brief full-face shot, half-body shot and full-body shot may be included at the end of the video.
  • Make sure the sound and picture are both of good quality. The backdrop should be neutral and free of creases and breaks.
NOTE: Please note that audition recordings that are not submitted according to the format rules listed above will be disqualified. All submissions will become the property of the Long Island Scholar Artist Scholarship Committee and will not be returned to the applicant.

Refer to these pdf’s for more information:



For additional information, please contact
John Gallagher at 631-345-2960

or email ScholarArtist@LongIslandArtsAlliance.org

John J. Gallagher, Ed.D.
Chair, Scholar-Artist Educator’s Committee

30 Swezey Lane
Middle Island, NY 11953

the Dance sub-committee contact:
Shirlene Blake