Follow the guidelines below for the Music Portfolio Requirements and Rubric.


Student Essay
On a separate sheet, describe ways in which your involvement in the arts has enriched your life. Please double- space and limit your thoughts to 500 words. Essay Rubric

All Applicants Must Submit Both Written and Video Components

Students who compose  may submit a written score

 Written Component: Instrumental/Vocal: 12 possible points

1.  Copy of one completed Spring 2016 NYSSMA All-State or Level 6 evaluation form.  (Students unable to participate in Spring 2016 NYSSMA should submit other evaluative documents, along with a statement from their school music teacher as to why they were unable to complete a 2016 NYSSMA evaluation.)  Please upload PDF files copy online. CLICK HERE



2.  Copy of one score of a completed musical composition. Please upload PDF files copy online. (See below)

Composition Rubric

Video Component (Must provided via YouTube link) 36 possible points (For questions please contact:  scholarartist@longislandartsalliance.org
Instrumental/Vocal: Solo Performance or as a featured Soloist with an ensemble Composition: Performance of one of the submitted musical compositions.

Recording Requirements for Music/Dance/Theater

  1. Only one camera at a fixed angle with a fixed lens may be used.
  2. The recording must be uncut and unedited and contain no material other than the monologue(s)/ dance/ musical selection
  3. Camera must be placed to obtain full-figure shots, not close-ups A neutral-to-dark background is best
    • Technical Theater applicants may zoom in on portfolio materials and may be shot  from the waist up for the question segment.
  4. Accompaniments:The performer is responsible for the quality of the recording.  She/he must be clearly visible and audible.
    • Theater Arts:  Singers can perform a cappella or should be accompanied by one (1) instrument rather than an ensemble
    • Music:  Performer must clearly be a soloist.  The student can be accompanied by piano, small or large ensemble.
    • Music Composition must be a performance that matches the musical score.
  5. Video must be uploaded to YouTube and share your YouTube link on your application.  If you need guidance please contact: scholarartist@longislandartsalliance.org

Refer to these file for more information:
Essay Rubric
Music Rubric

For additional information, please contact:
John Gallagher at 631-345-2960

John J. Gallagher, Ed.D.
Chair, Scholar-Artist Educator’s Committee
30 Swezey Lane
Middle Island, NY 11953

the Music sub-committee contact:
Sue Weber