Follow the guidelines below for the Visual Art Portfolio Requirements.

Geometrics by Shannon Culhane, Northport HS, LIAA Scholar-Aritst 2018

Student Essay
On a separate sheet, describe ways in which your involvement in the arts has enriched your life. Please double- space and limit your thoughts to 500 words. (Essay Rubric)


The following pieces should be done from direct observation (not taken from two-dimensional or photographic sources):

  • Pieces 1 & 2: Students must submit at least two (2) full value drawings or paintings. These pieces must realistically depict the subject, as well as fully describe the illusion of light as it defines 3D volume. The artwork should successfully demonstrate the use of light (highlight, light tone, half tone, base tone, reflected light, cast shadow, and direction of light).
  • Pieces 3 – 7: These pieces should demonstrate a broad understanding of line, form, color, value, texture, composition, perspective, mark-making, and different media.

The following pieces should also encompass a broad range of approaches and should consider complex visual or conceptual ideas:

  • Pieces 8 – 10:  In addition to the first 7 images, applicants are required to submit 3 additional works, demonstrating more abstract and inventive works, including mixed media.

Please Note: The inclusion of anime, graffiti and cartooning in the portfolio are discouraged.

Format  – Both requirements must be met:

  1. Digital Portfolio – To submit a digital portfolio, all images must be stored on a thumb drive. Indicate your name and school on the thumb drive. Images should be:
    • JPEG file format only
    • File size: maximum dimensions (tall or wide) should be 530 x780 pixels at Resolution 72 pix/in.
    • Saved properly (named as Image1, Image2, Image3, etc.)  Do not use any characters (#$&@) or spaces.
  2. Fact Sheet WITH thumbnail images- Along with the thumb drive, submit a printed fact sheet with your name on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper that describes each piece by filename (Image1), the title of the work, the dimensions of the actual work, the media used, AND a thumbnail image of each piece. See the “Content” information above for proper ordering of images.

The thumb drive should be mailed along with the printed Fact Sheet to:

John J. Gallagher, Ed.D.
Chair, Scholar-Artist Educator’s Committee
30 Swezey Lane
Middle Island, NY 11953

Please note that portfolios that are not submitted according to the format rules listed above will be disqualified.  All portfolio submissions will become the property of the Long Island Scholar Artist Scholarship Committee and will not be returned to the student applicant.

Refer to these PDF’s for more information:

Visual Arts Portfolio Requirements

Essay Rubric

For additional information, please contact
John Gallagher at 631-345-2960

the Visual Arts sub-committee contact:
Dr. Judith Chen